Davy Jones

“Over the past couple of years I have written a number of film music transcriptions on and for the organ of the Royal Albert Hall in London. While the transcriptions are written with this organ in mind, often calling for specific colours such as the bass drum, carillons or tubular bells, they are adaptable on a number of different instruments and I’ve loved tweaking them in order to play them on organs all across the world. I hope you enjoy playing them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them!

When I was a teenager, my dad and brother would often choose the films we’d watch. When they chose Pirates of the Caribbean I was a bit sceptical at first because I thought it might be too scary, but I quickly fell in love with the film and its soundtrack – it became my favourite film series and I ended up listening to the soundtrack almost every day on the walk to and from school. In the films, the character of Davy Jones plays an iconic organ on his ship, the Flying Dutchman – I think it’s one of the most well-known organ references in contemporary cinema, and so it is one of my most requested pieces. I I also love the fact that Hans Zimmer includes a little nod to Bach’s Toccata in D minor, another piece which sits at the top of my request list. In the film, the start and end of this piece is played by a musical locket, perfectly replicated by the Celeste stop on the organ, although if a Celeste stop isn’t available then a soft 8’ flute would do the job! ”
– Anna Lapwood