The Daily Telegraph

Jun 5, 2023

Alexandra Coghlan from The Daily Telegraph recently joined Anna during one of her late night practice sessions at the Royal Albert Hall, to talk about how she is using TikTok to bring new audiences to organ concerts, her upcoming late night BBC Prom in July and her forthcoming album on Sony this autumn.

“I totally understand why some people struggle with organ concerts. We spend so much time as musicians learning to ­communicate with an audience – how can you do that when your back is turned?… If you can bring people right up to the organ console so they feel, even on a small screen, like they’re sitting here on the bench with you, then when they come to a concert they can understand and imagine what’s going on.”

This year, Anna signed to SONY with her newly released EP ‘Midnight ­Sessions at the Royal Albert Hall’ and a full album will follow this autumn. “There’s more film music, some Debussy, Chopin, Philip Glass, lots of female composers: it’s me in an album, the first time I really feel that” – but first there’s a solo Late Night Prom on July 25. Lapwood finally gets to invite the world to join her after dark. It’s a typically eclectic mixture of music, all themed around the moon and stars. “I see it as a game,” she says of concert-programming. “Can you take Britten and put it right next to film music, or Philip Glass next to Bach, and make it work? It’s fun seeing how far you can push it.”

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